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Our 1st Year as Sisters

Our Birthday

We were born on January 9th, 2012 at 8:08 am and 8:10 am. Serena is the big sister and Khloe is the little sister! We were born a little more than 5 weeks early because we were in a rush to meet our parents! This is a picture of the room where we were taken after coming out of our mommy's tummy! The people in the picture took really good care of us!

Month 1

After spending 8 days in the NICU, we were finally ready to come home! Our first month at home was a challenge for everyone - our parents had no idea what they were doing, and we were getting used to them and our new home. We spent most of our time sleeping, with occasional feeds and diaper changes.

Month 3

During our 3rd month of life, we started becoming more manageable for our parents. Our mommy went back to work, but we were lucky because we still got to see her quite a bit when she'd work from home. We started becoming less fussy, and began to smile and laugh even!

Month 4

As you can see, we're doing a better job at sitting up! We're becoming more interactive, which our parents and grandparents really appreciate!

Month 5

This month we started solids for the first time. We weren't crazy about rice cereal by itself, so our mommy tried new things. We got to eat yummy carrots and sweet potatoes (our favorites)...then fruits (which we didn't care much for).

Month 6

As you can see, we're becoming even more interactive and silly! We like to listen to our mommy read us books, and we love bathtime! We're still not sleeping through the night though...we think it's because we miss our Mommy & Papa too much!

Month 7

Wow we're already 7 months! As you can see, we're great at sitting up on our own! We've started to really notice each other, so we squeal at each other. When one of us cries, the other one smiles - probably so we don't both get into trouble. 

We love staring at each other and smiling - how cool to have a twin sister!

Month 8

We spend more time smiling than crying (which our parents love!). We're sitting up, rolling over (on occasion)...and we LOVE to stand when our parents or grandparents hold us!  We've been playing in the walker and bouncer, and we've started moving in the walker now (slowly). Mommy even bought us our first pair of shoes!

When we're getting our diaper changed, we love to grab as many diapers or wipes as we can! We eat solids twice a day...Serena HATES green peas, even if Mommy or Annette hides them in sweet potatoes! 

We're still not sleeping through the night, but Mommy & Papa are hoping that will change real soon!

Month 9

"Haha, Reeny, I got your sticker!" (that's what we call Serena)

We're developing our personalities now, as you can see!  Khloe is the joker of the two, always trying to play games.

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